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Muscle Diet Platinum Triple Strength Omega -3 Fish Oil - 90 Softgel (with Higher Strength EPA & DHA )


  • 90 Softgel

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Brand: Muscle Diet 

This is a Non-Vegetarian Product.

Muscle Diet Platinum Triple Strength Omega -3 Fish Oil

Muscle Diet Platinum Fish Oil with triple strength formula is here to meet your ultimate need for good fats and level up your overall well-being. Because of its enhanced potency, it meets your dietary requirements of consuming as much as three fatty fish every week. It is a necessary health supplement as the body is not capable of making Omega 3 on its own.

HIGH EPA & DHA: Get triple strength of EPA & DHA in just one capsule of Muscle Diet Platinum Fish Oil. With 480mg EPA & 360mg DHA, each Serving  is equivalent to triple the strength of an ordinary fish oil supplement. 

ENTERIC COATED: Muscle Diet Platinum Fish Oil softgels are formulated using an enteric coating that ensures there is no fishy after-taste or smell. These softgels pass through the stomach acids without getting diffused and reach the intestines directly. It results in enhanced absorption of the nutrient and most importantly helps get rid of the fishy burps & dreaded acid reflux. 


Omega-3 Fatty Acids

. The omega-3 essential fatty acids, EPA, and DHA are the key components and need to be acquired primarily through food or a dietary supplement. They are responsible for many health benefits and their deficiency may affect numerous bodily processes.

· EPA plays an important role in cardiovascular and circulatory health and in supporting the body’s natural anti-inflammatory response.

· DHA plays an important role in vision and brain function and is vital for healthy heart function.

. Experts recommend consuming a minimum of 2 to 3 servings of fatty fishes every week, but if you aren’t able to meet this requirement, consuming a fish oil supplement is an alternative way to get your omegas.

Servings Per Container           - 90 Softgels

No. Of Servings                       - 45

Serving Size                             - 2 Softgel

Fish oil rich in Omega 3 Fatty Acids - 2000 mg

EPA                                                  - 480 mg

DHA                                                  - 360 mg

Concern                                             - Bone/Joint Support,Brain And Memory,Heart,Immunity

Fish Oil, Gelatin Food Grade, Purified Water, Humectants (INS 422 & INS 420(ii)], Preservative [INS 218] & Artificial Flavouring Substance (Ethyl Vanillin).

Consume one or two fish oil capsules once a day, preferably with a meal. Duration and dosage of consumption are at your discretion or suggested by your dietician.

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