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AS-IT-IS Atom Whey Protein with Digestive Enzymes - 1 Kg


  • 1 KG

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Brand : As-it-is Nutrition:

Customer Care :, +91-9741933033

Manufacturer: Medizen Labs Pvt Ltd, NTY Layout, Mysore Road, Bangalore 26,

This is a Vegetarian product.

ATOM Whey Protein

BOOSTS YOUR PERFORMANCE TO NEXT LEVEL: When compared to others, Atom Whey protein has greater bioavailability, solubility, and the highest PDCAA score of 1. The high-quality protein offers 27g protein per serving, 5.7g BCAA, 4.5g glutamine with minimal calories, fat, and no sugar. Whether you engage in aerobic or resistance training, Whey protein supplementation helps you get the best out of every workout.

HIGH CONCENTRATION OF BCAA: The high concentration of BCAAs in Atom Whey Protein help promote anabolic response by maximizing muscle protein synthesis, helps preserve muscle glycogen stores, and minimizes protein breakdown. BCAAs reduce the amount of tryptophan and the amount of serotonin produced, eventually allowing you to make more gains.

IDEAL PROTEIN FOR EVERYONE: The 100% vegetarian, easy, & convenient AtomWhey protein supplement has an edge over other protein supplements in terms of fueling the muscle tissue. Whey serves as a mainstay protein not only for those interested in building muscle mass but also for those who turn to dietary protein to fill the protein gaps a varied diet. The deliciously flavored Whey fits all and comes with an enzyme blend to facilitate faster assimilation of Whey.

PROMOTES FAT LOSS & PRESERVES MUSCLES: Whey protein with a high concentration of BCAA and glutamine serves as an excellent means for replacing the carbs in the diet for the purpose of weight loss. Being in an energy deficit appears to reduce basal muscle protein synthesis. Prioritizing Whey protein intake during a calorie deficit diet combined with intense exercise promotes fat loss, helps prevent muscle catabolism, prevents muscle fatigue, conserves muscle function and muscle performance.

AMPS MUSCLE SYNTHESIS & MUSCLE RECOVERY: Strength training causes micro-tears in muscle fibers, which trigger inflammation and the body’s repair process. Whey digests faster than other forms of protein meaning that the body is able to receive the essential amino into the muscles at a faster rate, resulting in faster overall recovery. Consuming Whey within 30 minutes of exercise increases the body’s ability to stimulate protein synthesis & reduce muscle soreness.


Whey Protein is a high-quality, fast-acting, superior digestible protein source with an incredible range of amino acids, particularly BCAAs. Whey Protein is highly bioavailable, has the highest biological value, offers a high concentration of protein in a serving. While consuming a protein-rich meal on a daily basis becomes a tough-to-do option, taking the aid of Whey Protein offers multiple benefits apart from simply serving you to reach the protein target. Whey Protein helps in faster muscle recovery and is especially suitable for those who do regular workouts, gym-goers, athletes, sportspersons who will need to fuel their muscles immediately post-workout. When combined with strength training, Whey helps to increase muscle growth and increase muscle mass. Whey Protein boosts satiety, adding Whey to your daily diet is a great way to lose weight. The quick protein source can help you gain body mass when combined with a high-calorie diet.



If you are someone who engages in strenuous training with a goal of muscle building, Whey Protein is suggested to be consumed 30 minutes post-workout (anabolic window). Consuming Whey at this time will create a positive nitrogen balance in the body and will aid in quick muscle recovery and boost muscle protein synthesis. Creatine Monohydrate due to the function of generating ATP is most beneficial to be taken 30 to 40 minutes before your workout. On rest days, the timing of supplementation is probably not a matter as on exercise days.


The combination of Whey Protein and L-Glutamine serves as an effective way to replenish the lost protein and glutamine levels after an intense workout and to boost your performance to the next level. Every time you do workout, you’ll deplete your glutamine stores, consuming Whey Protein with glutamine at this time can help speed up muscle recovery. Glutamine fights fatigue induced by exercise and keeps the immune system healthy. The combination of Whey and glutamine significantly increases protein synthesis and yields an anabolic state. Whey and glutamine combination work to preserve the hard-earned muscles and build new muscle tissue. 


If you are willing to combine glutamine with Whey, you can consider taking glutamine post-workout when glutamine stores would be low within the body. Whey Protein is best when consumed during the anabolic window (within 30-40 minutes after your workout) when your muscles are more receptive to amino acids. 


Taking Whey Protein is a convenient way to increase your daily protein intake. Although it is true that protein is a key nutrient for weight loss or muscle building, it is suggested not to intake high doses of protein. The amount of protein intake varies from person to person depending on their body size, activity levels, and fitness goals. The recommended dietary allowance of protein is 0.8-1g of protein per kilogram of body weight. Whey Protein is a convenient, and simple way to pack additional protein in to your diet, it should not be relied upon as the sole protein source. Always consume Whey as suggested on the protein supplement pack. Consuming excessive dosage will lead to excess calorie intake, may place a strain on kidneys, and will get stored as fat.

Number of Servings             - 28

Serving Size                       - 36 g

Protein per Serving            - 27 g

BCAA                               - 5.7 g

EAA                                - 12.2 g

Goal                               - Muscle Building,Muscle Recovery

Whey Protein Concentrate Whey Protein Isolate Cocoa Powder, Lecithin, Enzyme Plus Blend Flavour & Sucralose .


Add one heaping scoop (36g) ATOM Whey Protein to 250ml chilled water or fat-free milk, blend in the shaker for 30 seconds, enjoy the delightfully flavored smooth protein shake.

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