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Cancellation By MK Protein star: There may be certain orders that MK Protein star is unable to accept and must cancel. MK Protein star reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to refuse or cancel any order for any reason whatsoever, without assigning any reason to the User. User accepts and undertake that the same is acceptable and he/ she/ it will not contest/ raise any dispute on the same. The situations that may result in cancellation of User’s order includes, without limitation, non-availability of the product or quantities ordered by User, non-availability of the service, inaccuracies or errors in pricing information, or problems identified by MK Protein star. MK Protein star may also require additional verifications or information before accepting any order. MK Protein star will contact the User if all or any portion of the User’s order is cancelled or if additional information is required to accept the User’s order. If the order is cancelled, MK Protein star shall refund the entire amount to the user within a reasonable period of time.
Returns By User:
Orders will be non-returnable
Note: Please do not accept the product if it seems to be tampered with by the courier services.
Returns are allowed only under the following circumstances:
1 .Product received is damaged.
2 .Incomplete order is received.
3 .The product is expired.
Conditions for Returns:
A .Request for return shall be made within 24 hours of the receipt of the product.
B .Video for the opening of a package is compulsory.
C .Do not break the seal of the product or tamper with the product or its serial or UPC number.
If the return request raised by the user is accepted, MK Protein star shall refund the entire amount to the User within a reasonable period of time.