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BSN Supplements- Global Leader in Sports Nutrition BSN, namely Bio-Engineered Supplements and Nutrition was launched in the year 2001, since then the brands has worked its way up so fast in becoming the global leader in health nutrition through their sheer dedication to create dynamic, cutting edge and result-producing supplements. BSN products are bioengineered which means that they apply the concepts of life sciences as well as physical sciences to give you the most efficient products. The brand is known for creating the best tasting result oriented products in the supplement market. BSN products and the brand have won more than 30 awards in sports nutrition industry. This winning streak of performance and results has created huge brand awareness and loyalty for company, building faithful following of consumers. Right from the beginning BSN team ensure the procurement of most premium raw materials to the certificate of analysis for every ingredient, which is then tested and retested for compliance. The quality assurance professional performs daily inspection of the current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs) compliant facilities, which are GMP Registered and GMP for Sport by NSF. BSN is committed to bring top of the line nutritional supplements to the masses through broadened distribution channels and innovative partnerships. BSN products are shipped and distributed in over 90 countries worldwide. BSN products can be used by almost all consumer types, irrespective of their lifestyle. All supplements are designed to be multi-functional so that all customers are able to find different applications for them in their daily routine BSN Protein : BSN Whey Protein is an extraordinary protein that are derived from the highest quality ingredients. As you all know, protein is the most important supplement when it comes to bodybuilding. BSN Syntha 6 protein has ultra-premium proteins in these supplements contain both fast and slow acting proteins in order to make the suitable for all day consumption. It’s not just protein, your body require other essential amino acids to give your muscle an instant source of fuel after the rigorous workout. BSN range of protein are fuelled with almost all the essential amino acids that your body needs. All BSN protein blends or isolates are designed to give you a lean physique. This is why they are extremely low in calories to ensure that you do not have to worry about any unwanted fat deposits that can slow down the results you get. BSN Mass Gainer : People who are looking at putting quality mass quickly, it is important to increase the daily calorie intake significantly. It might be not easy through a normal diet, choosing a supplement like BSN True-Mass can give you tremendous results. BSN Mass gainer is ideal for anyone who needs to add above normal calorie intake in order to gain mass. The best part about this BSN weight gain supplement is that the calories are derived from clean sources like proteins and carbohydrates, which means that these products are directed towards lean muscle development. The goal behind any mass gainer is to load your body with excess calories. BSN True mass provides you with the correct ratio of protein and carb of 1: 4. With BSN weight gainer you are able to give your body a sustained supply of nutrients by splitting the recommended dosage throughout the day and it can be consumed as a snack, as post workout shake & even as a stand-alone meal. Top Selling BSN Products in India A. BSN Syntha 6 B. BSN True Mass C. BSN Amino X How to verify authenticity of BSN Supplements? Customer can verify the products from the authorised importer sticker or distributor tag attached on the supplements. Some of the authorised BSN importers/distributors are listed below. This list of mentioned authorised distributors is also available on the BSN official website. 1. Glanbia Performance Nutrition India Pvt. Ltd Every BSN product has a tamper-proof hologram stamp that affirms its supreme food safety. The products have an expiry date and a valid batch lot number which can be cross verified from the above mentioned brand/importer itself on customer care and mails.